About Us

The finer things. It's what we do.

Let’s face it — diamonds are a woman’s best friend, and we all know best friends are an everyday accessory. Megoro was born out of this exact concept: to make timeless, high-quality, fine jewelry affordable and accessible to all women.

With over 50 years in the jewelry industry, we’ve built relationships with the best manufacturers out there, sourcing durable, 14-karat gold, precious gemstones, and, of course, sparkling conflict-free diamonds. Handcrafted with love and precision in New York City and brought to you without the insane traditional price markups, each piece is as unique as the woman wearing it … because you deserve the finer things.


Megha (Hindi word for rain cloud) + Oro (Spanish word for gold) = Megoro

With Megoro, it’s always raining gold.